Welcome to the New Idyll Cravings Art Website
Welcome to the New Idyll Cravings Art Website
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About Us

Michael's career trajectory has been as original as his artistic creations.  All of his experiences have influenced his values and are applied to his art whether it was working in a foundry, starting businesses in a wide variety of industries or manufacturing culinary delights .  He draws inspiration for his designs from other artists including Mondrian, Kadinsky and many from the abstract expressionist movement.

Now in his encore career he combines his understanding of geometry and symmetry to  produce art that is elegant in nature and expresses his esthetic appreciation of the power of shading, the beauty of color and the subtlety of  gradients.

 Since her youth textiles, fibers and fashion have been a fascination for M. L.  Although her diverse career steps led her from commercial banking, management of nonprofits and her own entrepreneurial endeavors her consistent interest has been textile and fibers.  In recent years her efforts have been directed towards  using complex combinations of fibers and textiles to fashion decorative objects for display and use.

Inspiration for M.  L.'s creations come from the variety of materials she collects.  The visual textures and tactile nature of the fibers inform the designs.