Welcome to the New Idyll Cravings Art Website
Welcome to the New Idyll Cravings Art Website
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Condiment Corner — baking

Create a Turnover without Losing the Game

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Today is National Cherry Turnover Day! Who knew? Here at Condiment Corner, like all self proclaimed and proud-of-it FOODIES, we like to have fun with our food. So when we run across a unique food factoid we can’t help but figure out where our Orange Cranberry or Cranberry Jalapeno Chutney fits in. We gotta’ tell ya’ - Turnovers are a perfect fit. Grab some refrigerator dough (unless you make your own) and separate the triangles of dough. Put a teaspoon or two of our Chutney on one triangle and then top it with another triangle. Use the tines of a...

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