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Welcome to the New Idyll Cravings Art Website
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Community, Chefs and Nutrition

As we embrace March as Women’s History Month and feature a donation campaign, we have also prepared some blog posts that highlight Idyll Cravings involvement the community. Since we are in the business of food we also are sharing information about chefs who are women and women’s contribution to the field of human nutrition, Read on and enjoy!

Women Who Heat Up the Kitchen

Here is great site that describing the enormous contributions of ten chefs, that happen to be women. 10 Game Changing Female Chefs

Each of these chefs is a groundbreaker. They introduced international cuisine to America, wrote and published books that taught us techniques that improved our home cooking and started food movements that could improve our nutrition and health. Importantly they are role models for aspiring cooks of all ages and generations whether as a profession or at home. They challenged the misconception that women were good home cooks but couldn’t be chefs.

Women and Nutrition

Since almost the beginning of the field of nutrition women have played an important role. According to the Journal of Nutrition women entered the field of nutrition in the early 1900s. These early scientists conducted research and published their finding thus contributing to the overall body of knowledge of human nutrition. The critical connection between nutrition and health fit well with the academic choices made by women. In many cases their work focused on women and children’s health and nutrition.

Two women in particular played pivotal roles in the creation of the field of human nutrition. According to Jeanne King who authored an article in the Journal of Nutrition Dr. Agnes Fay Morgan and Dr. Doris Howes Calloway were each chairs of what became the Department of Nutritional Science at the University of California at Berkeley. Morgan was the first chair of the new department that created a science based research program focused on nutrition. Calloway was Morgan’s successor.

The World Health Organization issued a report in 2000 titled “Healthy Nutrition: The Role of Women.” This is the premise:

The role of the woman in healthy nutrition includes feeding the newborn, preparing meals for members of her family, and her extensive professional involvement in food manufacturing, trade, public catering, health care and education. According to the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Service, women account for between 70.90% of employees in these industries and professions. A similar situation exists in the management structures of these sectors. Women have traditionally been responsible for buying food and preparing meals, so their competence in matters of healthy nutrition will largely determine the health of families and, accordingly, of society. Given this, one could safely state that it is the woman who has the key role in society in implementing a healthy nutrition policy, both in her own family and in society as a whole.”

Couldn’t have said it better.

Idyll Cravings in the Community

If you have been visiting the Idyll Cravings website and read about our company values you know our core values include employment and partnering with community organizations. Since our inception we have partnered with Goodwill Industries of Denver to help people with employment challenges and donated product to Open World Learning’s silent auction supporting their Kids Tech Camps.

Now we have singled out the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame. The connection for us between the Hall and our business is about the great strides made by women employed across industries and professions. Since we are in the food business highlighting the professional achievements of chefs and women’s relationship with nutrition seems to make sense.


Thanks for reading. It would be great if you introduce Idyll Cravings to your friends, family and associates. Until next time…

Stay Tasty!

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