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New Product Coming to You Soon!

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One of the great things about starting a new venture is learning from our customers. Because so many people asked for it, we are bringing out a new chutney – Orange Cranberry! Look for it to be available on August 15th at both the Southlands Mall and Parker Farmers Markets as well as online.

Orange Cranberry ChutneyCurrently, we have designated our Cranberry Jalapeño Chutney as either “mild” or “medium” referring to the heat from the jalapeño. The “medium” version basically has twice the amount of jalapeño. What we have learned is people’s palates are unique and have a huge range of heat perceptions - one person’s mild is another person’s hot.

The majority of the people who have tasted the Chutneys at the Southlands and Parker Farmers Markets identify with our generalized designations of mild and medium and many have wanted a “hot” version. But there are even more people who either can’t eat jalapeños or just don’t like them or who don’t like the heat. So, although we have gotten very positive responses (words like yummy and delicious come up often) it seemed to us we were missing a bunch of you who want a “no-heat” flavor profile.

So, because of your comments, Michael decided to develop a new product without any jalapeño. A couple weeks ago Michael created an Orange Cranberry Chutney and we filled little tasting cups with it and took to the Southlands, Parker and O’Toole Garden Centers Farmer’s Markets. More than 75 people tasted the Orange Cranberry Chutney.

The vast majority of people who tasted it said they liked it. They thought it has a really good flavor, would taste it again and consider buying it. Even the people who enjoy jalapeño liked it.

With your comments and product feedback we have decided to manufacture the new product Orange Cranberry Chutney which we will have available in a few weeks. The graphic artist is in the process of designing the new product label, Michael is honing his recipe and I am thinking up new interesting ways to use this new delicious condiment.

Sign into your account to keep up with other new products we are developing. As always send us your feedback on our products, how you used it and other suggestions. We would love your pictures too!

Stay tasty!

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